Practice Area

Compassionate Release

Compassionate release – originally introduced into law by the Sentencing Reform Act of 1984, and recently modified under the First Step Act of 2018 – permits incarcerated individuals to seek a reduction in sentence from their sentencing judge.

Career Offender

According to the United States Sentencing Guidelines, a career offender is someone who commits a crime of violence or a controlled substance offense after two prior felony convictions for those crimes.

Armed Career Criminal

The Armed Career Criminal Act of 1984 is a United States federal law that provides sentence enhancements for felons who commit crimes with firearms if they are convicted of certain crimes three or more times.

Federal Court

If you have a criminal case in the Northern District of Georgia or the Middle District of Georgia, you must hire an attorney who understands the process in federal court.

Federal Appeals

An appeal is the legal process through which a criminal conviction and sentence is reviewed by a higher court, and the court of appeals is the only court which can correct errors in a defendant’s trial or sentencing.

Post Conviction Matters

You may need to hire an experienced, knowledgeable attorney to ensure the sentence imposed by the court is the sentence you actually serve, and to make sure you do not spend any longer in prison than you have to.

Federal Drug Crimes

If you have come to the attention of federal authorities in Atlanta or anywhere in Georgia for possessing, selling, or trafficking illegal drugs, you need an experienced criminal defense lawyer immediately.