Post Conviction Matters

Just because you have been sentenced, does not mean your fight is over. You may need to hire an experienced, knowledgeable attorney to ensure the sentence imposed by the court is the sentence you actually serve, and to make sure you do not spend any longer in prison than you have to. Being designated to the Bureau of Prisons or Department of Corrections means you will have to serve your sentence in a correctional facility. Whenever you are sentenced to spend time in prison, it is crucial that the paperwork that contains your sentence is accurate, complete, and properly interpreted. Problems with your release date and sentence calculation can come up, and an experienced attorney can assist with remedying these mistakes. If you are sentenced in federal court, your sentence is spelled out in a document called a “Judgement and Commitment.” This document is processed by the Federal Bureau of Prisons and used to calculate your end-date, or when you will be released. In addition, any time you are sentenced to a period of incarceration, you should be aware of having possible “detainers” or holds from other jurisdictions, where other pending criminal matters will prevent you from being released. An experienced attorney can assist you in handling those detainers and making sure you are freed from prison as early as possible