Mental Health Cases

Criminal cases involving the mentally ill are complex and demand an attorney who understands the issues surrounding mental health and allegations of criminal conduct. Often, when a person is facing criminal charges from an arrest and is suffering from a mental illness or battling addiction, that person needs both legal protection and treatment. Addressing both of these issues together ensures the individual’s best chance at success.

In order to have the best representation possible with these cases, it’s imperative to hire an attorney who is experienced not only in the courtroom, but with the world of mental health and treatment. Prior to becoming an attorney, Molly spent years teaching students and teenagers with emotional and behavioral disorders in restrictive educational settings, including psychoeducational institutions. This experience honed her interest in fighting for those with special needs.

Her drive to advocate for those with mental health issues was further solidified by representing mentally ill clients in state and federal court. She is knowledgeable about diagnoses, treatment, and therapy, and how courts deal with these issues in criminal cases. She has handled a number of high-stakes, complicated cases in all levels of criminal courts, representing clients with schizophrenia, bi-polar disorder, depression, drug addiction, traumatic brain injury, intellectual disability, and other mood disorders. She is a compassionate and understanding representative in these cases but also an aggressive, tenacious advocate in court, which is required to achieve a just and fair outcome in mental health cases.