Witness Representation

Even if you have not been charged with a crime, you may still need an experienced attorney guide you through the criminal justice system. There are many times when an individual is called to court on a summons or subpoena and mandated to appear, even when they don’t have an open case. Often, it’s because the individual is a witness and their testimony is necessary for a proceeding. If you have been mandated to come to court as a witness, you should consult with an experienced attorney immediately. If the case is a criminal case, in particular, you should be represented by a lawyer even though you are not the one charged. Even as a witness, you have rights – including the right to not incriminate yourself – that must be protected. Prior to taking the stand in any court, you should speak to an experienced lawyer who can guide you through the process, and never assume you can handle it alone. Molly has represented many witnesses in many proceedings in federal court, from bankruptcy hearings to trials and grand jury testimony. She understands the role of the witness and the expectations of the judges and the prosecutors and can ensure the process of being a witness in court does not result in criminal charges or other unwanted consequences.