Representative Cases

  • Client charged in 16-count indictment with engaging in federal bribery scheme while employed with a federal agency. All bribery counts dismissed.
  • Client charged with aggravated identity theft and fraud for filing fraudulent tax returns. Most serious charges (aggravated identity theft, which requires two years consecutive to any other sentence) dismissed. Plea agreement required a joint recommendation of 18 months. After hearing from the defense at sentencing, judge went below the joint recommendation and sentencing client to probation with no period of incarceration.
  • Client charged with stealing over $240,000 from Social Security over the course of 20 years. Guidelines and prosecutor suggested a sentence of incarceration. Client received probation with no period of incarceration.
  • Client charged with extortion for allegedly bribing a prison guard and participating in a large-scale prison scam. All counts dismissed after setting case for trial.
  • Client charged with Hobbs Act Robbery and carrying a firearm in furtherance of a violent crime, facing 25 years and currently on felony probation in the state, given an unsecured bond.
  • Client charged in removal proceedings to Southern District of New York (Manhattan) for massive international money laundering scheme involving millions of dollars and three continents, with extensive international travel history and ties to the presidency in foreign governments, given a bond secured by signatures only.
  • Client charged with distributing child pornography (5 years mandatory minimum) offered a plea deal to one count of using an electronic device with the intent to view child pornography and no incarceration.
  • Client charged with felony sexual assault on an airplane. Denied bond in California, extradited to the Northern District of Georgia. After investigating “victim”, motion for reconsideration of bond was granted and client received a signature bond. A week later, all charges were dismissed.
  • Signature bond in state superior court for rape case.
  • Client charged with drug trafficking over 80 kilos of cocaine and money laundering over 3 million dollars to and from Mexican cartels. Client granted bond. Guidelines in final pre-sentence report were 235 – 293 months incarceration. Final sentence was 72 months.
  • Client under federal investigation for purchasing and shipping a number of firearms to prohibited persons in Trinidad. After extensive negotiations with assistant US attorneys, client was never charged, indicted, or prosecuted.
  • Client charged with DUI on federal land. After motions, DUI charged reduced to Driving without Due Care. Mid-trial motion for acquittal granted by judge.
  • DUI reduced to reckless driving in State Court.
  • DUI completely dismissed in State Court.
  • Client revoked for committing new offense out of state, charged with murder, attempted murder, and possession of a firearm. After serving time following conviction out of state, client came into federal custody and received an unsecured bond pending hearing. Probation officer asked the court for five years to serve on the revocation. After hearing, judge imposed time served (one month).
  • Superior court murder trial; not guilty all counts.
  • State court domestic violence trial; not guilty all counts.
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