Juvenile Defense

If your child is facing delinquency in juvenile court in Atlanta or anywhere in Georgia, or being charged in criminal court as an adult, you need an experienced, dedicated attorney familiar with representing juvenile clients. The consequences of being convicted as a juvenile extend beyond a criminal record: a child who is convicted may fall behind in school or be suspended or expelled, he or she may become ineligible for scholarship opportunities, and may even be placed in state custody for years.

Molly Parmer spent three years working in the Barton Juvenile Defense Clinic at Emory University School of Law, where she represented juveniles facing prosecutions in juvenile court and in school administrative hearings. As a former special education teacher, she has unique expertise with education policy and the law as it applies to schools. She is passionate about defending children and ensuring their futures are not marred by a criminal record. If your child is facing criminal proceedings, it is imperative that you retain an aggressive juvenile defense attorney as early as possible to ensure proper representation at all stages of the process. The Georgia juvenile justice system is complex, and it is not easily navigated without the assistance of an experienced juvenile defense attorney.