Sex Offenses

Molly is considered one of the nation’s top experts when it comes to defending allegations of sex crimes. She is a nationally recognized speaker in this area, having presented at the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyer’s Annual Sex Crimes Conference on the topic of zealous advocacy in sexual abuse and child victim cases. Being accused of a sex crime is devastating for a defendant and his or her family. Aside from the possible criminal sanctions, these charges can destroy the reputation of the accused and ruin their careers. Few things are more detrimental to one’s character than the label “sex offender”.

Sex offenses in Georgia are wide-ranging and include an variety of conduct, including sexual assault, aggravated sexual abuse, rape, child molestation, aggravated sodomy, public indecency, pimping, and prostitution. Federal authorities often focus on cases involving the distribution, possession, or production of child pornography, as well as child enticement, human sex trafficking, failure to register as a sex offender, or sex crimes that occur on federal land or involve crossing state lines. The criminal penalties for a conviction for a sex crime can be extremely harsh. No matter what type of sexual offense you have been charged with, whether in state or federal court, you will need a fierce advocate who believes in fighting for your rights and your reputation.

Molly Parmer has handled all types of sex offenses in both state and federal court, from rape to molestation, to possession and distribution of child pornography, to sexual assault and indecent exposure. No matter what type of sex crime you have been accused of, she is familiar with the relevant law and experienced in how best to defend you. She is known for making her clients feel comfortable and supported when facing these difficult charges, while at the same time, providing aggressive, zealous defense in the courtroom.