Money Laundering

Money laundering involves engaging in financial transactions which are designed to promote or conceal illegal conduct. It is a broad term that encompasses a number of financial dealings, including those through banks or those converted to another form of exchange. To prove money laundering, the government must show that the monetary proceeds are from illegal activities and that the accused knowingly engaged in financial transactions to promote or conceal the fraudulent conduct or illegal activity. If a defendant is unaware of the unlawful activity while engaging in the financial transactions, or does not have the requisite corrupt intent to commit the crime, he or she may have a defense to federal money laundering charges.

Money laundering cases often involve tracing back to the source of funds. This, in turn, means there are many ways to challenge the cases, such as whether or not the money is illegally obtained, or whether the defendant was intent on concealing the financial transaction. In order to successfully challenge a money laundering case in Atlanta or anywhere in Georgia, you need an attorney like Molly, who is familiar with money laundering prosecutions and the many ways to defend such accusations.