Many criminal cases start with a phone call or a home visit from a federal agent. If a federal agent calls you or knocks on your door, you should not make any statements and contact an experienced federal defense attorney immediately. You are very likely under investigation for a criminal offense. Even if you have done nothing wrong, you should never assume the government sees it that way. And if you are concerned that you may have made a mistake, you should never assume you can navigate the investigation process without a competent, aggressive defense lawyer.

With legal representation by your side, an experienced federal lawyer like Molly can ensure that your Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Amendment rights are protected during the investigative process and reduce your chances of a criminal conviction. If you hire a federal defense attorney from the moment agents attempt to speak with you, you can count on them to represent you during every step of the investigation. It is never in your best interests to speak with a federal agent or prosecutor or respond to a grand jury subpoena without first discussing your case with an experienced defense lawyer.