Interview On Race And Wrongful Convictions For The “Sworn” Podcast

I was interviewed for an upcoming episode of the “Sworn” podcast on the problems of racial bias in our criminal justice system. I spoke from my perspective as a board member of the Georgia Innocence Project on racial disparities and inequities among the accused and the exonerated. Also interviewed was Calvin Johnson, a man who was exonerated after being falsely convicted of rape and sentenced to life in prison.

“Sworn” — brought to you by Tenderfoot TV and the team from “Up and Vanished” — breaks down challenging topics in our legal system – the problems and pitfalls that result in high-pressure cases, wrongful convictions, and heartbreaking decisions. It provides firsthand accounts from people who have lost years of their life to an unjust legal system and the experts and advocates who are fighting for justice. My episode will air in July 2020.

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