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Whether you are fighting a misdemeanor or a serious federal felony, Molly brings tenacity and a wealth of experience to your side. She has handled nearly every type of criminal case in every type of court. Her familiarity with criminal practice and track record of excellence are only outweighed by her passion to defend the accused.

Molly opened Parmer Law in 2019 to provide skilled, knowledgeable, effective defense for clients facing any type of criminal charge. Parmer Law embodies her devotion to her work and her long-held belief that everyone – no matter what they have been accused of – deserves the absolute best defense.

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About Molly

When it comes to fighting the government, Molly Parmer is a natural. She believes that everyone – no matter what the government alleges they have done – deserves compassion, understanding, and a vigorous defense. She is tough, intelligent, and fearless, and was born to be a criminal defense attorney.

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